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Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) in Sarasota with Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

A healthy diet and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle, and they help us in attaining a slender, toned figure. However, we can eventually develop problem areas on our bodies that do not respond well to exercise caused by weight fluctuations, aging, or genetics. Significant weight loss might actually contribute to issues like sagging or drooping upper arms. After weight loss, the skin might not have adequate elasticity to resume its previous shape, resulting in extra skinfolds in areas like the upper arms.

Don’t let sagging skin get in the way of attaining your aesthetic goals. When traditional diet and exercise approaches fail to help you reach your goals, brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) may be the right choice to resolve sagging upper arms and improve your appearance and confidence.

To learn more about the best brachioplasty in Sarasota, FL, call Dr. Hamwi to schedule your complimentary consultation with Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa by calling (941) 800-2000 or completing our online form today. 

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What is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty, sometimes called an arm lift, is a body-contouring surgery to reshape the upper arms by removing extra skin, tissue, and fat. The results are smoother, slender looking upper arms with improved muscle tone. 

During your brachioplasty procedure, you may be under general anesthesia. Dr. Hamwi will remove the extra skin, tissue, and fat from your upper arms. Through an incision on the back or inside of your upper arm, Dr. Hamwi will remove those extra skinfolds and may potentially remove excess tissue from the side of the chest in the underarm area or perform liposuction to provide optimal results. Once the skin is reconnected, the results will be visibly noticeable immediately.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Hamwi as My Brachioplasty Surgeon in Sarasota, FL?

As a board-certified plastic surgery expert, Dr. Kristopher Hamwi is your friendly specialist in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. With over ten years of training under the finest programs in Washington D.C., Manhattan, and Harvard, Dr. Hamwi has performed and mastered a full spectrum of procedures.

When you walk through Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa doors, you will find your wellness partner in Dr. Hamwi. Passion for helping his patients gain confidence through aesthetic plastic surgery is what sets Dr. Hamwi apart. This dedication to his patients and his craft makes him your best choice for brachioplasty in Sarasota, FL.

I had the Celebrity arms procedure by Dr. Hamwi in January 2020. There are no words to adequately describe what an amazing surgeon Dr. H is! I am a nurse, so I am very judgy of doctors and nurses. Trust me when I say Dr. Hamwi is truly skilled in his craft. He is meticulous, and most importantly, he is completely honest when discussing the results.

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What are the Benefits of Brachioplasty in Sarasota?

There are many reasons for upper arm skin to stretch and droop: weight gain and loss, aging, or genetic issues. Stretched skin that has lost its elasticity can prevent it from returning to its previous position, creating skinfolds on your upper arms. Skinfolds on your upper arms can cause discomfort or problems, such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Rashes
  • Hygienic issues
  • Diminished self-confidence

However, the best arm lift in Sarasota can help to resolve these issues by reducing the sagging and drooping skin in the upper arms. Brachioplasty can tighten and smooth the underlying tissues to redefine the shape of the upper arms by removing the small pockets of stubborn fat and excess skin.

Your Sarasota Arm Lift Consultation with Dr. Hamwi

At Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa, you may choose an in-person or complimentary virtual brachioplasty consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Hamwi will discuss your concerns and goals to ensure that you feel understood and heard. Dr. Hamwi will provide you with the important information you need to make educated choices about your procedure. He will help you review all of your options to help you realistically reach your goals in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible. 

At Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa, our goal is to help you feel prepared, comfortable and empowered to make informed decisions regarding your procedures to regain your confidence. You will never feel pressured.

What Can I Expect in a Brachioplasty Procedure?

You’ll arrive approximately an hour before your scheduled surgery to meet with Dr. Hamwi and your anesthesia provider. 

Once you are safely anesthetized, Dr. Hamwi will begin your brachioplasty procedure by following the treatment plan determined during your consultation. Your arm lift may be performed through incisions along the back or inside of your arm. From these incisions, Dr. Hamwi will remove the extra skin, tissue, and fat.

After excess skin has been removed, the remaining skin will be repositioned and reconnected for a smoother contour, and then the incisions will be closed and dressed. You will be dressed in compression bandages to minimize the risk of swelling. 

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

Ready to get started?

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi has trained for over ten years at some of the world’s top institutions to become one of Florida’s best aesthetic plastic surgeons. Utilizing his exceptional skill, rigorous training, and genuine, caring approach, Dr. Hamwi strives for total patient satisfaction. Ready to partner with Sarasota’s leading aesthetic plastic surgeon?

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Brachioplasty?

Ideal candidates for the best brachioplasty in Sarasota, FL, include men and women who want to improve the appearance of their upper arms by removing extra tissue and fat. Suitable candidates should be:

  • In good physical health
  • Non-smokers
  • Close to their stable, target weight
  • Have realistic expectations for their arm lift procedure

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with brachioplasty. Be sure to discuss all your concerns with Dr. Hamwi during your consultation.

How Soon Will I See My Sarasota, FL, Brachioplasty Results?

In most cases, you will see visible results immediately following your brachioplasty procedure. You may experience swelling and bruising at the treatment site, and the recovery process may take between two to three weeks. It is essential to closely follow Dr. Hamwi’s instructions regarding medications and activity limitations to ensure safe healing and optimal results.

As Dr. Hamwi is dedicated to your results, he will educate you on maintaining your results. Your arm lift results should be long-lasting if you can sustain a stable weight and follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Ready to Show Off Your New Arms?

Slender, toned arms are well within your reach. Brachioplasty at Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa may be the solution to the lax skin keeping you from showing off your arms. 

Learn more about how Brachioplasty in Sarasota can enhance the appearance of your arms with long-lasting results you’ll love to show off! Contact Dr. Hamwi at Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa at (941) 800-2000 or fill out our online form today.

Sarasota, FL, Arm Lift Treatment — FAQs

Brachioplasty is a customizable procedure, so your arm lift’s costs will vary depending upon your individualized procedural plan. During your consultation, Dr. Hamwi will provide an estimate for a more accurate cost of brachioplasty procedure in Sarasota.

During your Brachioplasty procedure, you will be anesthetized, and you will be prescribed pain medication to take in the following days. Patients may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Be sure to address your pain concerns with Dr. Hamwi during your consultation.

Arm lifts permanently remove loose skin and tighten muscles in the upper arm. When combined with liposuction, it also eliminates stubborn fat. To ensure the longevity of your arm lift results, it’s important to maintain your stable weight after your surgery. By continuing your healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, your arm lift results will last for a decade or more.

With time, the skin and muscles can begin sagging again due to the aging process. As that happens, it’s important to reach out to Dr. Hamwi to explore other options to retain the contoured appearance of your arm, including another arm lift or other skin-tightening procedures.

Any surgical procedure that involves an incision will lead to scarring. However, most patients would agree that a scar is better than excess skin and fat in the upper arms. Dr. Hamwi strategically places brachioplasty incisions in inconspicuous locations underneath the arms. By following Dr. Hamwi’s incision care protocol after your procedure, you can help minimize the appearance of scars.

Some best practices to minimize scarring include:

  • Ensure incisions are always clean and dry
  • Protect your incisions with sunscreen or protective clothing
  • Avoid stretching or lifting your arms for two to three weeks
  • Use scar treatments as directed to diminish the appearance of scars

An arm lift reduces the excess skin and tightens lax tissues in the upper arm. While a brachioplasty can include liposuction to create smoother contours, it is not intended as a weight loss procedure. Arm lifts give a more toned and contoured appearance to the upper arms, but they do not result in significant weight loss.

Following an arm lift, you will experience limited mobility for at least one to two weeks. For example, you will not be able to raise your arms above your shoulders. You will need to avoid strenuous activities like exercising or heavy lifting for approximately six weeks. Most patients can resume light work, such as office work, within a week of surgery. During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Hamwi will direct you as to when you can resume other activities.

Brachioplasty typically takes one to three hours and requires patients to stay still during the procedure. As such, you must undergo general anesthesia, meaning you will not be awake for the surgery. However, being under general anesthesia ensures you will not experience pain or discomfort during the procedure and will allow Dr. Hamwi to complete the surgery without interruption.

During your consultation with Dr. Hamwi, he will take your complete medical history, including allergies and current medical conditions, to ensure you have a safe experience under general anesthesia.

Typically, an arm lift takes about six weeks for full recovery, and following that, you can resume all normal activities, including exercise. You should feel well enough to begin walking slowly in the first few days. In 10 to 14 days, you should feel more energetic and begin driving again if you feel comfortable doing so. At that time, you should be able to resume working. For at least six weeks, you should continue avoiding strenuous exercises and heavy lifting to allow the arms to heal properly.

Following your arm lift, it’s important to get plenty of rest. Resting with your head and arms propped up with multiple pillows or in a recliner in an upright position can help reduce swelling and discomfort. Wear your compression garments as directed by Dr. Hamwi. Take prescription and anti-inflammatory medications to help relieve discomfort and inflammation. Use cold compresses on your arms for 20 minutes at a time and be sure to protect your skin by wrapping the ice pack with a towel. Avoid putting strain on your shoulders by using your elbows and keep a folded towel under the armpits to provide some additional elevation.

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