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Female Liposuction in Sarasota with Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

Everyone knows that diet and exercise are an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. They make maintaining a slender, toned figure possible. However, over time, small pockets of stubborn fat cells can develop and create problem areas that do not respond well to weight loss or exercise. Liposuction may provide the solution you want when traditional approaches fail to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Get ready to reclaim your slender appearance with the best Female Liposuction in Sarasota, FL. Contact Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Kristopher Hamwi at our plastic surgery center by calling 941-800-2000 or completing our online form today.

What are the Differences Between Male Liposuction and Female Liposuction?

Simply put, men and women have different goals from the same procedure. The primary differences between male liposuction and female liposuction are the areas treated and the specific techniques used to treat each area. While women would like a slim, sleek look, men are typically more interested in revealing muscle definition for a toned appearance.

What is Female Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is a safe, surgical procedure that permanently removes sections of subcutaneous fat cells. It is a versatile treatment aimed at targeting smaller deposits of fat to sculpt a leaner appearance. Traditionally, areas treated with liposuction include:

  • Waist & flanks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Neck
  • Other areas that do not respond to exercise or diet

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. However, it is the perfect way to address the areas of fat that diet and exercise cannot reach. Ideal candidates for liposuction are healthy women who are close to their target weight but might still have stubborn pockets of fat.

What are the Benefits of Female Liposuction?

We all want to look leaner. Female Liposuction in Sarasota, FL, might be the answer to reaching that slim figure you are working hard to achieve. Coupling liposuction with your current healthy lifestyle choices can help you by reducing the appearance of unsightly bulges and improving your body’s contours with long-lasting results.

Safe, effective female liposuction is a versatile treatment that can provide smooth, well-defined curves in many places. After your liposuction procedure, the fat cells removed will not grow back. However, the remaining fat cells can still grow larger, so maintaining a healthy diet and exercise is necessary.

What Options for Female Liposuction in Sarasota, FL Can I Choose From?

At Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa, you can be confident in your female liposuction options and in Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, your board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Dr. Hamwi often uses a technique called awake liposuction. The procedure is completed while the patient is medicated, yet still awake and able to participate in the procedure by contracting muscles in differing positions.

This technique allows Dr. Hamwi to have utmost control when sculpting your new figure. Awake liposuction is a much safer procedure than traditional liposuction because patients are not under general anesthesia. You can see which method of liposuction is right for you when you meet with Dr. Hamwi in a complimentary consultation.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Hamwi as My Female Liposuction Provider in Sarasota?

With over ten years of training through the finest programs in Washington D.C., Manhattan, and Harvard, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kristopher Hamwi is an expert in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Hamwi has mastered a full spectrum of procedures through this extensive training.

Additionally, Dr. Hamwi has always had a particular interest in liposuction and has been honing and perfecting his craft since 2010. In his pursuit of the best techniques, he has traveled to and studied with some of the country’s most well-known liposuction surgeons and operated on patients from all over the world and most of the United States.

Every patient who walks through Florida Plastic Surgery’s doors will find a wellness ally in Dr. Hamwi. Along with his unparalleled training and expertise, Dr. Hamwi brings a passion for helping his patients gain self-esteem through aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Hamwi is committed to exceeding your expectations from consultation to post-op. All patients will experience Dr. Hamwi’s dedication to:

  • Compassion
  • Responsiveness
  • Open communication
  • Schedule accommodation

 Dr. Hamwi

What Can I Expect During a Female Liposuction Procedure?

Each patient will have a unique plan that they and Dr. Hamwi formulated during the complimentary consultation and other preoperative appointments. However, all liposuction procedures will have some general steps:

After you arrive at our plastic surgery center approximately an hour before your scheduled surgery, you will meet with Dr. Hamwi and your anesthesia provider. You will either receive local or general anesthesia, depending on your specific plan.

Once you are safely anesthetized, Dr. Hamwi will begin your liposuction procedure by making small incisions at the treatment site. These are typically about the size of a grain of rice or smaller and are placed in areas where they can be as hidden as possible

During liposuction, the treatment areas are injected with a solution that contains saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine to numb the tissue, control bleeding, and prepare the tissue for extraction. This is often referred to as tumescent liposuction.

Once the fat is isolated, it is gently extracted from the treatment site with a thin hollow rod, leaving you with a smoother, slimmer figure.

After your liposuction procedure, dressings will be applied, and you may be outfitted in compression garments.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Female Liposuction?

Ideal candidates for Female Liposuction in Sarasota, FL, include healthy women who are close to their target body weight but may still have pockets of stubborn fat. Liposuction is a body sculpting treatment rather than an alternative to healthy weight-loss, so it isn’t for those who are significantly overweight.

Your Florida Liposuction Consultation with Dr. Hamwi

During your complimentary in-person or virtual consultation, Dr. Hamwi will ensure your concerns and goals about your treatment are understood. Dr. Hamwi aims to help you achieve your realistic aesthetic goals in the safest, most precise, and most cost-effective manner. His dedication to his patients’ overall wellness journeys is unmatched.

At Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa, Dr. Hamwi will ensure you feel prepared, comfortable, and empowered to make informed decisions about your procedures. You’ll never feel pressured to make decisions that you’re not ready to make.

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

Ready to get started?

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi has trained for over ten years at some of the world’s top institutions to become one of Florida’s best aesthetic plastic surgeons. Utilizing his exceptional skill, rigorous training, and genuine, caring approach, Dr. Hamwi strives for total patient satisfaction. Ready to partner with Sarasota’s leading aesthetic plastic surgeon?

What Can I Expect During My Female Liposuction Recovery?

Typically, the procedure requires three to five days of downtime before returning to normal activities. Most patients are able to return to work in about three days.

After your procedure, most patients notice immediate improvements to their shape. However, you may experience swelling, the body’s natural reaction, that might temporarily obscure your results. This will subside within a few weeks.

You will continue to see improved results as your body heals over the next few months. As your body adjusts to its new contours, the treated areas will have a leaner appearance.

As Dr. Hamwi is dedicated to his patients, he will educate you on ways to maintain your results, including maintaining your healthy diet and exercise regimen. You can reach out to Dr. Hamwi and our team at any point and will see us for regular follow-up appointments.

What Is Awake Liposuction?

Like traditional liposuction, awake liposuction removes excess fatty tissues from various areas of the body to sculpt and enhance new contours. However, awake liposuction is a technique to perform liposuction on an area that has been numbed with anesthetic, but the patient remains awake, interactive, and alert. This allows both the patient and Dr. Hamwi to contract muscles and modify positions to gain better control when sculpting the fat, ensuring optimal results from your awake liposuction procedure.

While liposuction is performed in the same manner whether the patient is awake or under anesthesia, Dr. Hamwi asks awake liposuction patients to participate in the procedure by remaining in certain positions, contracting muscles, or even standing up. Dr. Hamwi prefers awake liposuction as it allows him to precisely sculpt the area and evaluate the shape, contours, symmetry, and make adjustments before the surgery is finished.

Other benefits of Dr. Hamwi’s awake liposuction method are that the procedure:

  • Avoids general anesthesia medications
  • Reduces the risks to the patients
  • Allows for a faster recovery
  • Ensures patients can stand immediately and walk without assistance

Areas that can be treated by traditional liposuction can also be treated with awake liposuction. Some of the more common areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks and Waist
  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Chest
  • Buttocks

Dr. Hamwi has also developed a particular way of sculpting the abdomen, flanks, waist, and buttocks to accentuate the silhouette that he calls buttock sculpting. This sculpting creates natural-looking results similar to a Brazilian butt lift.

Ready to Experience a Leaner You?

Improving your body’s contours is easier than ever. If diet and exercise have failed to deliver the results you deserve, liposuction might be the answer to refresh your contours and improve your confidence.

We invite you to contact Florida Plastic Surgery and Medspa at (941) 800-2000 or fill out our online form to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Sarasota, FL Female Liposuction Procedures FAQs

Due to the highly customizable nature of female liposuction, each individual’s needs and aesthetic goals will determine the treatment cost. Dr. Hamwi will provide an estimate for a more accurate liposuction cost in Sarasota, FL, during your complimentary consultation at our plastic surgery center.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure and will not drastically lower your weight. Instead, liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that targets small stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to dietary and exercise changes.


During the first few days of your recovery, you may experience moderate pain and soreness at the procedure site. Following Dr. Hamwi’s instructions regarding pain medication and activity is important during this time.

Yes; Dr. Hamwi frequently combines liposuction with tummy tucks (see our blog on the benefits of combining lipo with a tummy tuck), fat transfer, breast augmentation, or other procedures as needed. After reviewing your goals and medical history, you and he can decide if combining procedures is beneficial to you.

Awake liposuction refers to a technique of performing liposuction on an area that has been numbed with anesthetic but the patient is not put to sleep. During the procedure the patient remains awake and interactive. This allows the patient and doctor to move into a variety of positions to better sculpt and evaluate the outcome while the treatment progresses.

Dr. Hamwi likes awake liposuction because it allows him to place the patient into multiple lying positions that he can continually change as he performs the treatment. Dr Hamwi finds that this allows him to get a better sense of the symmetry and shape that he is creating. Awake liposuction also avoids the medications used with general anesthesia. This allows for a faster recovery from anesthesia at the end of the procedure. Patients are able to stand up immediately after the procedure is complete and walk out of the office without assistance.

When Dr. Hamwi performs liposuction on an awake patient vs. an asleep patient the procedure is done in the same manner. The main difference in the technique is that Dr. Hamwi will ask an awake patient to hold certain positions that they couldn’t do if they were asleep. Also, when a procedure is done awake the patient can stand up to evaluate the shape, contours and symmetry. We often find that a body shape will look differently when the patient is standing up compared to lying down. This also allows us to evaluate for any small irregularities which may not be evident when a patient is lying.

Any areas that can be treated with asleep liposuction can be treated awake. Some of the more common areas include the abdomen, hips, waist, flanks, arms, arm pits, legs, chest and chin. See the picture below for a description of each area.

Liposuction 360 refers to liposuction of the entire torso which includes the hips, waist, back and abdomen. You can think of it as everything from under the bra down to the top of the underwear in the front, back and sides.

Yes, for safety reasons there are limits to how much fat and how much medicine can be given in one liposuction treatment. This means that if very large areas are needed to be treated that they may need to be broken up into separate procedures. During your consultation Dr. Hamwi will discuss your goals and a treatment plan with you during your consultation


Loose, hanging or wrinkled skin, back folds, building stomach muscles (diastasis recti). These things can be treated but may require a technique other than liposuction. Dr. Hamwi is skilled in these as well.

Similar to asleep liposuction, awake liposuction tends to work best as a sculpting tool. An ideal candidate for awake liposuction would be someone who is looking to shape their body by decreasing their fat volume in troublesome areas. Because liposuction deflates the skin as fat is removed patients will either need to have good skin elasticity or be willing to consider a skin tightening treatment with their liposuction or a skin excision procedure. Patients with loose skin or wrinkles prior to a treatment will find that those problems can get worse after liposuction alone. Patients should also be free of all nicotine products for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after any surgical procedure as this increases their risk for serious complications. It is also important to be in good health prior to any surgical procedure. Make your surgeon awake of any health problems, medications you take and allergies to medications you may have before your procedure.

Liposuction should not be used as a weight loss tool but as a mechanism to shape and sculpt their body.

  • The areas to be treated are marked in a mirror with the patient so that they can help design the treatment.
  • Oral medications are administered and the patient is numbed by injecting local anesthetic into the fat that will be removed.
  • Liposuction is then performed by using a small tube called a cannula which removes the fat.
  • The patient will roll from front to back, side to side with various tilts and angles to assist Dr. Hamwi
  • The patient is continuously evaluated as their results are revealed through the sculpting.
  • AS the procedure concludes the doctor will stand the patient up and they will check the results together in the mirror.
  • A compression garment is put on and often a layer of foam is applied depending on the area treated
  • Patients usually need to take 3-5 days off of work. Small areas only need one day
  • Patients will be sore for approximately 2 weeks, and it is usually 4-6 weeks until they may go back to strenuous physical activity.
  • The full recovery for liposuction usually takes a total of 6 weeks before you are fully cleared to return to all activity
  • It is important to give your body this time to rest and recover as this affects your final results. Recovery includes refraining from strenuous physical activity, wearing the appropriate compression garments and monitoring the treated areas for swelling or irregularities.
  • Surgery time depends on the volume and location of the area being treated, the average length ranges from 1-4 hours. Total recovery time is 6 weeks.
  • Tenderness lasts for 2-3 weeks, but it takes the body approx 6 weeks to be fully healed.
A patient can prepare for liposuction by creating realistic goals and finding a good time where the procedure and recovery can fit into one’s life. Making sure that you have the time and support while you heal is necessary to achieving the best results and minimizing the chances of a complication.

Small incisions are made where the cannula enters during a procedure. These incisions typically heal very well and require minimal care. Incisions sites tend to be less than half the size of a grain of rice but Dr. Hamwi tries to minimize how noticeable these are. Dr. Hamwi tries to place his incisions in places that will be covered by underwear or bras; he also uses a specially designed skin protector that he puts over the incision during surgery to minimize the irritation to the skin from the cannula.

Post op care includes wearing your compression garment, reducing your strenuous physical activity and massaging the treated area as needed.

Patients can expect to come back into the office the day after the procedure. We also want to follow their healing at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks following their procedure. We offer virtual follow up appointments if needed.

Our patients have a total of 4 scheduled post operative appointments 1 day after the procedure, then again at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks. That being said, patients are encouraged to openly communicate with the doctor and office at any time if they ever have any questions or concerns.

After your initial consultation, our surgical coordinator will find a time that works with your schedule! Because Dr. Hamwi is typically booked out several months, it is best to begin your consultation early.

Liposuction costs typically range from $3,000 – $12,000 depending on the size and number or areas being treated.

We require a deposit to schedule your procedure. The full amount is due 1 week prior to your surgery. We also participate with financing through Care Credit offering 0% interest for 6 or 12 months

Patients will see their results immediately after the procedure is completed. Swelling will occur over the following weeks and will dissipate over the course of the 6 week recovery period.

Yes, Dr. Hamwi is certified by the American Board of Surgery, The American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Hamwi has been performing awake liposuction since 2009 and has performed thousands of procedures

Yes, Dr. Hamwi specializes in awake arm lifts, tummy tucks and facelifts.

Absolutely, liposuction can be used in addition to other procedures in order to meet one’s individual needs. It is often done in conjunction with a tummy tuck for example.

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