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Dr. Krisopher Hamwi - Sarasota plastic surgeon

About Kristopher Hamwi, MD

Helping People Feel Their Best

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi is a double board-certified plastic surgeon practicing out of Sarasota, FL. His specialties include liposuction, tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift and more. Dr. Hamwi has trained extensively at some of the world’s finest institutions in pursuit of the best surgical and non-surgical aesthetic techniques.

In addition to his considerable training and knowledge, Dr. Hamwi is also an artistically-minded individual who is committed to improving his patients’ lives. Dr. Hamwi’s ultimate goal is to help his patients feel confident in themselves and their appearance through his Sarasota plastic surgery practice. Partnering with Dr. Hamwi means you can expect the very best service, results, and overall experience. You can learn more about Dr. Hamwi’s philosophy, qualifications, and more by following the link below. 

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Areas of Treatment

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Put your best face forward with one of our surgical or non-surgical facial treatments. Dr. Hamwi is an expert in surgical procedures like facelifts, brow lifts, rhinoplasties, and blepharoplasties, as well as non-surgical options like liquid rhinoplasty.

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Gain confidence through breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Hamwi offers breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reductions, and fat transfer breast augmentations. Find out which method is right for you by reading on.

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Caring for your body is an excellent way to improve your self-image. Consider Dr. Hamwi’s body-contouring specialties, including tummy tuck, female liposuction, male liposuction, and more.

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Patients seeking less-invasive methods of enhancement have options too. For such patients, Dr. Hamwi offers Botox & Fillers and scar revision treatments. Learn more about each by reading on.

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Innovative Techniques

Dr. Hamwi has studied with some of the country’s most renowned plastic surgeons and has operated on patients from all over the world. Throughout his ten years of training, Dr. Hamwi has mastered some of the most innovative and up-to-date techniques in the industry. Furthermore, Dr. Hamwi’s unyielding commitment to his patients’ satisfaction has prompted him to only choose treatments that work. Everything offered at Florida Plastic Surgery is science-backed and proven to be effective. Dr. Hamwi has techniques and technologies that minimize the appearance of scars that most surgeons aren’t routinely using.

Dr. Hamwi uses the Keller Funnel for his breast augmentation patients by utilizing the “no touch technique” to minimize the chance of infection and capsular contracture.  This reduces the handling of the implant and therefore the potential transfer of bacteria or contaminants during the operation.

Dr. Hamwi offers a range of implants that differ, not only in their size and projection, but also in their level of cohesivity.  This allows patients to individualize not only the size of their breast, but the amount of upper pole fullness.


"Dr. Hamwi and the entire staff at Florida Plastic Surgery have been incredible throughout my entire process. Any question I had were answered thoroughly and promptly. The staff checked up on me multiple times after my procedure and I could not be happier with my results so far! Dr. Hamwi is an incredibly talented plastic surgeon with an outstanding bedside manner and Sia the PA is just as great! I highly recommend considering them for any of your plastic surgery or aesthetic needs."

- Jill H.

"I could not have been more impressed with Dr. Hamwi and his team. The office is stunning! It is impeccably clean, comfortable, and welcoming. Dr. Hamwi was knowledgeable, honest, and obviously had my best interests in mind. I highly recommend this office."

- Molly P.

"After years of research and countless consultations, I finally met with Dr. Hamwi. Dr. Hamwi sat with me and answered all my questions honestly, not just telling me what I wanted to hear. His before and after pictures depicted the exact type of plastic surgeon I was looking for. He is an artist. He listened to my needs and wants. Dr. Hamwi educated me and gave me realistic expectations. His bedside manner is not that of a "typical" surgeon. He is warm and patient. I am now 1-year post facelift and I can't even express how extremely happy I am. Dr. Hamwi exceeded any expectations I had. I feel young and vibrant inside and now my face (and neck) matches that energy."

Dr Hamwi is the best of the best.

- Dora

"Dr. Hamwi is the epitome of all one would expect in a physician; knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and gentle. He has always given his time and attention generously, so I fully understand the procedure and spends whatever time you need to ask questions. The results of this surgery are absolutely phenomenal!!! I appreciated the attention and detail that he gave me from the start of my procedure until the end. My waits have never been this small and the new curves and shape to my hips and back area are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Hamwi to anyone who is considering to do a cosmetic procedure, I couldn’t be happier!"

- Liz E.

Feeling Beautiful At All Ages

Feeling Beautiful At All Ages

Your 20’s are a time to learn more about yourself and let your beauty shine. We often recommend our younger patients consider the following treatments:

Patients in their 30’s often concern themselves with maintaining their looks. For these patients, we suggest learning more about:

Turning 40 means hitting your stride in style. Look and feel great in your 40’s by selecting one of the treatments recommended by Dr. Hamwi below:

Don’t let the signs of aging deter you from feeling confident in yourself and your appearance. Patients in their 50’s often benefit from the following treatments:

Highlight your grace and sophistication in your 60’s. The following  rejuvenation procedures are recommended for those in their sixties and beyond:

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