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Are There Medical Benefits of Breast Implant Removal (Explant) Surgery?

Breast implants are not considered a lifelong medical device, lasting an average of 10 to 20 years before they should be exchanged or removed. Breast implant removal or breast explant surgery is a customizable procedure to remove breast implants and enhance the breast’s appearance. For some women, the benefits of breast explant surgery are… Read More

Liquid Rhinoplasty vs. Surgical Rhinoplasty: Which Nose Job Is Best for Me?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeries in the United States. With many advancing technologies, we have many nose enhancement options—from traditional surgical to non-invasive rhinoplasty procedures—to help those who are dissatisfied with the look or function of their nose. All rhinoplasty procedures aim to balance facial features, restore the functionality… Read More

What You Can Expect from Hair Transplant Surgery

More than half of men and women will experience hair loss before they reach age 50. In fact, many lose nearly half of their hair before they notice. While many people will spend countless dollars to try to combat hair loss with over-the-counter products, hair transplant surgery is often a much more successful option…. Read More

What Is “Ozempic Body” and How Can Plastic Surgery Help?

Across the country, many people are successfully experiencing an easier way to shed pounds quickly and achieve a slimmer contour by following the new weight loss craze fueled by semaglutide drugs like Ozempic. While losing weight is an excellent health choice for people who are overweight or obese, such rapid weight loss can lead… Read More

4 Spots You Never Knew Could Have Liposuction

Liposuction, whether traditional male liposuction or female liposuction or even awake liposuction, is one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. It provides an optimal body contouring solution by eliminating excess fat to help you reach your goals. Typically, most people associate liposuction with the abdomen, thighs, or the buttocks. However, there… Read More