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How to Sleep After an Arm Lift

The arms can be a notoriously difficult area to tone, even with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If the skin doesn’t have adequate elasticity, it won’t be able to resume its previous shape, resulting in sagging or drooping skin in areas like the upper arms. However, an arm lift can help restore the… Read More

When Exercise Isn’t Enough, Try an Arm Lift!

There are many reasons for upper arm skin to stretch and droop: significant weight fluctuations, aging, or genetic issues. The upper arms are a difficult area to target with exercise, and, to top it off, exercise can even make sagging, drooping upper arm skin worse. Brachioplasty, or an arm lift, can tighten and smooth… Read More

5 Ways to Get the Best Breast Augmentation Results

Deciding to pursue a breast augmentation is a serious decision that takes plenty of contemplation and consideration. Deciding on what you expect in your results and who you want to work with are two important parts of the process. When you schedule your consultation with Florida Plastic Surgery, you will be met with expert… Read More

How Often Should You Have Botox® Touch-Ups?

Age and repetitive muscle contractions can cause skin to wrinkle, negatively affecting appearance and self-esteem. However, you can regain confidence in your appearance with the help of Botox® to slow those physical signs of aging. While Botox® works to combat the signs of aging and enhance your appearance, it’s best to get the advice… Read More

3 Treatments to Combine With Your Eyelid Surgery

A blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, aims to enhance the eyelids aesthetically to restore a more youthful look to the eye region, including the upper or lower eyelids. Since the delicate skin around the eyes is not the only place that can show the signs of aging, you can combine your eyelid lift with other… Read More