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5 Ways to Get the Best Breast Augmentation Results

Deciding to pursue a breast augmentation is a serious decision that takes plenty of contemplation and consideration. Deciding on what you expect in your results and who you want to work with are two important parts of the process. When you schedule your consultation with Florida Plastic Surgery, you will be met with expert advice and consideration for your individual needs.

If you are local to Sarasota, Florida, you have the luxury of working with expert cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Kristopher Hamwi for your breast augmentation. You can schedule an in-office or virtual consultation, depending on your schedule and availability.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, the experts at Florida Plastic Surgery are available to answer any questions or concerns. In the interim, here are five ways to get the nest breast augmentation results. 

1. Work with The Pros

The first way to ensure you get your ideal breast augmentation results is to only work with a board-certified plastic surgeon. With this experience level, you get expert work from those most qualified and knowledgeable about the procedure. Once you find your surgeon, ask to see before and after pictures of procedures. As a double board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Hamwi can execute a breast augmentation tailored to your needs.

2. Address Concerns During Consultation

The second way to get the most out of your results is to address every question and concern about the procedure during your consultation. Your consultation is the time to discuss your procedure plans and assess the surgeon’s understanding of your expectations. Before your consultation, you should do your research and create a list of questions.

3. Try Different Implants

Make sure that you spend time selecting the size, the kind of implant you want, and the profile you desire so that you can ensure your results will be what you expect. Your surgeon will help you try on different options to decide which is the best for you.

4. Follow Recovery Protocols

Make sure that you follow your recovery instructions so that your body has the best opportunity to heal. You must move around every few hours to minimize risk of getting blood clots. At the same time, you should not be lifting or pushing anything as this can interfere with your healing.

You will also be provided with a support bra. Make sure that you wear the garment for the recommended amount of time as determined by your surgeon. Typically, you’ll need to wear it at least six weeks after your surgery.

5. Make Healthy Choices

Do not engage in any strenuous exercise until your surgeon clears you. You will likely need to wait around three weeks to a month before resuming your workout routine. Do not drink or smoke for the first two weeks following surgery. You are more susceptible to bleeding and bruising and may also experience medication interference.

Pursue Breast Augmentation with Florida Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is a serious decision. Contact Florida Plastic Surgery at (941) 800-2000 for more information and to book your consultation when you’re ready.