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What Is the Connection Between Large Breasts and Back Pain?

Large breasts can be a burden. They often come with many physical challenges like difficulty exercising and even significant pain, especially in the upper back. Breast reduction surgery can help reduce the excess weight on your chest, relieving your large breast back pain in Tampa for good.

At Florida Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kristopher Hamwi works to help you find relief from back pain caused by large breasts with the best breast reduction in Tampa!

Large Breasts Can Be a Real Pain in the Back

Over time, large breasts place excess weight upon the chest and upper abdomen, requiring support from the core muscles. When these muscles are not strong enough, the upper back compensates for the extra weight by pulling the body forward.

Large breasts affect posture. Women experience bone and muscle density changes over time, which can lead to posture-related issues, including injuries to the neck, upper back, and muscles due to the weight strain from heavy breasts. Poorly fitting bras can also contribute to bad posture, leading to neck or upper back pain, deep shoulder grooves, and skin chafing.

Get Relief From Large Breast Back Pain

Women who experience upper back pain caused by large, heavy breasts can get relief. Some practices to help alleviate this pain may include:

  • Properly fitting bras
  • Physical therapy to improve posture and balance
  • Regular exercise, including weight training to strengthen muscles
  • Breast reduction surgery

These solutions only treat the symptoms, not the cause. Breast reduction is the only permanent solution for the issues typically associated with large breasts.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery in Tampa Right for You?

Your first step in determining whether a breast reduction is the right option for you is talking to double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kristopher Hamwi. If you experience the following symptoms, you might consider booking a consultation with Dr. Hamwi:

  • Chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritation or rashes caused by trapped sweat
  • Deep shoulder grooves from bra straps
  • Pain or discomfort when you’re not wearing a bra
  • Hindered athletic performance due to breast size
  • Dissatisfaction with breast shape or size

Breast reduction surgery provides permanent, effective relief from upper back pain caused by large breasts. The aim of breast reduction surgeryis to create more proportionatelysized breasts and improve discomfort associated with large breasts, including neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Choosing Dr. Kristopher Hamwi for Your Breast Reduction in Tampa

The first step in any successful plastic surgery is selecting an experienced provider who listens to understand your concerns and goals. With over 10 years of training at the world’s top institutions, double board-certified Dr. Kristopher Hamwi is rated one of the top aesthetic plastic surgeons in the country.

With an artist’s eye and a surgeon’s hand, Dr. Hamwi delivers natural-looking results that will complement your figure, making him your choice for the best breast reduction in Sarasota.

When you are ready for relief from your large breast back pain, partner with Tampa and Sarasota’s leading breast reduction surgeon! Contact us today to learn more!