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How Long Do Arm Lift Results Last?

If you are concerned about sagging upper arms, an arm lift in Sarasota, FL can help you tone their contours for a more sculpted look. An arm lift helps redefine the appearance of your arms, helping you achieve your ideal figure. But before you get your arm lift, it is common to ask questions… Read More

How to Sleep After an Arm Lift

The arms can be a notoriously difficult area to tone, even with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If the skin doesn’t have adequate elasticity, it won’t be able to resume its previous shape, resulting in sagging or drooping skin in areas like the upper arms. However, an arm lift can help restore the… Read More

When Exercise Isn’t Enough, Try an Arm Lift!

There are many reasons for upper arm skin to stretch and droop: significant weight fluctuations, aging, or genetic issues. The upper arms are a difficult area to target with exercise, and, to top it off, exercise can even make sagging, drooping upper arm skin worse. Brachioplasty, or an arm lift, can tighten and smooth… Read More